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Birthday Card Ideas for Friends

Well birthdays are the most special occasion for a person and guess what you have a birthday invitation card and you need to be there, Birthday card ideas for friends are you planning to give a card to your friend along with the birthday card gift you bought but don’t know what to or how to make it? Well, we are here for your rescue.

Giving a card to someone is really a kind gesture, imagine you preparing a handmade card for your friend, and imagine how happy they would feel how bright their smile would be. You know what sometimes small gestures are the best thing you can do for a person like, maybe you are walking down the street and you pass a smile to a complete stranger and they smile back at you it would make their day. You always have the option of Birthday Card Ideas for Friends but birthday cards which are handmade are something different.

Now how do think you friend will feel when they get to know that you made them a handmade card just to see the look at their face, I think they will cherish it forever.

For making a card you must know the different types of then and how can you make them. So let’s go and do something crafty, you can take your suggestions from birthday card images which will help you choose a design and you can easily make your creative birthday cards which are also handmade birthday cards.

Birthday Card Ideas for Friends

Paper Candles Card

These are some beautifully fun, bright, and chirpy birthday card ideas for friends that are also very easy to make and are some creative birthday cards. Now let’s see how to make them.

  • First, start by making paper candles for that you should have some bright colored or pastel-colored paper now cut them into 2 squares each after that cut the twine of the candle which can be one inch.
  • Now apply some double-sided tape to the square you just cut, and paste the twine you have into the tape so that it’s secured. Now use some more tape to the right side and secure your rolled candle.
  • Roll your paper using a quilling tool or any narrow object, now use some tape on the outer side, make a lot of candles and paste them in front of your card with the help of double sided tape, and then you are all done, write your message below for your friends.

Birthday Balloon

Well, this is one symbolic card and can be made very easily. So you will need plain paper which can be of any color you choose which will be your main card, then you will need some different sheets of a small paper which can be of different colors, now take a pair of scissors and cut small circles out the small sheets which will look like balloons, now get ready to paste all those circles on the main sheet of card in the front, now when you are done with pasting them all, take some threads and paste them below the balloons so that it gives the card a cute look. These are some great creative cards. And now the last part is yours, wish them and write whatever message you want to.

Paper Present Card

This birthday card looks like a colorful package that is so vibrant and bright, a perfect card to give to your friend. This is one of the cutest birthday card ideas for friends now let’s see how you can assemble this card to give it to your friend. First, take any pattern sheet which has a beautiful and colorful pattern over it then attach a rectangle paper on the top of your card and attach ribbons like a bow on the top and make it look like you tied a knot so it gives you the look of a card that looks like a present. And you are done; now write a sweet message on the inside to your friend.

DIY Unicorn Card

These are the cutest card o have ever seen, and to be honest I am obsessed and it is actually very easy to make. Now let’s start by making some small flowers out of the felt material these can be of any color , now let’s take some more green felt to make

the leaves of the flowers, now take some glitter paper and cut the ears and horn of the unicorn, now paste the horns and ears on the front of the card, now remember the flowers and leaves we made out of felt paste them just below the horn and ears of the unicorn, now make eyes of the unicorn you can either use a marker or a sketch pen anything you like.

Handwritten Birthday Message

You don’t always have to make the cards over the top or cute, sometimes a simple birthday message can also make someone’s day. Now you can take a blank base of any color and write happy birthday on the top, and an acute and heartfelt message on the inside. This will actually mean a lot to the person you are doing this for, some sentences where you tell them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life can really make their day. This is some beautiful gesture for your friend plus point it is a handmade birthday card ideas for friends.

Hand-Stitched Flower Card

A hand–stitched card is such a beautiful card, so if you have a knack for stitching you can make this card for your friend. Draw the pattern you want to stitch along with Happy Birthday on a stitching sheet and then stitch along the pattern with different threads and colors and when you are done secure it by making knots, and at last paste the stitched material on the card. And you are done, write the message you desire on the inside. Birthday card ideas for friends, This is the best handmade birthday card I have ever come across along with such beautiful stitching this is definitely going to be the best creative birthday card for the person you receive it.

Photo and Quote Card

This card is something special because you would have your picture together on the card along with a quote on the card that quote can be anything it can be something very special to your hearts, it can be something you said only to each other or song lyrics which is close to you.

So to make this card take a base sheet for your card which can be of any color, now take some decorative paper or patterned paper and cut them into squares, and create a grid on the card, take the picture you decided to paste on one side and paste the decorative paper the other side just opposite the picture, now below the picture you pasted again attach the decorative paper you cut before now opposite the decorative paper, paste the quote you chose, and then you are done. Well I am sure it must be beautiful.

You can but birthday cards online but then you would miss out on the great gesture you are putting in while making a handmade birthday card which is also counted in creative birthday cards because you will have all your creations and the pieces of paper you require to complete the handmade birthday card. Buying birthday cards online in India is very simple but you can always choose to do something different and experiment with your creativity.

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