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How to Make Bookmarks at Home

How to Make Bookmarks at Home

Bookmarks are the rather very important thing, it doesn’t matter if you are reading a novel, a magazine or anything if you don’t have a bookmark then you will for sure miss the page you were on and no one wants that, Make Bookmarks at Home, it instantly puts you in a cranky mood when you can’t find the page you were on.

Well there are too many book mark designs available for you to choose from, well lets brainstorm some ideas so that we can come to a solution, making a homemade bookmark is an open door for your creativity and if you are an adult you can go back to being a kid and use all the colors, papers, ribbons and what not to make your bookmark.

I know there is always an option for you to buy bookmarks from a store, or buy bookmarks online, bookmarks handmade by you would be something else it would be your creation, it would be your handmade bookmark for your books.

Now I am assuming we are done by our brainstorming session so why don’t we just take up on some considerations like;

  • Who is the audience, who are going to use these bookmarks, is it you or you are making some to build your brand.
  • What kind of materials do you use? Are you using recycled or new materials for you bookmark, or are you still learning?
  • Then we should look upon the quantity are we making a single bookmark or multiple bookmarks
  • Time management, how much time will it take for you to make these bookmarks
  • What is your budget?

How to Make Bookmarks at Home

Well now is the time to explore about various kinds of bookmarks and how to make them.

Paper Bookmarks

One of the most durable papers for making a bookmark is cover stock. This paper can be printed easily; it can be cut by scissors, and can be laminated so that you can make bookmarks of any shape, design and size.

In case you have orders coming in for big amount, and you sell bookmarks to build your brand, you can just print out your own design and also cut with business organizations to guarantee consistency and an expert completion. So one example to make a cover stock bookmark is use paint as your base, then cut and draw accordingly you can choose anything you like, it can be cartoon a flower anything and then you are done. I know you can buy bookmarks for books online but let your ideas flourish and given them the best of you, so that you can be creative and crafty again like a child.

Corner Bookmarks

Well if you want an easy way out to make bookmarks and are bored by the rectangle shaped bookmarks, then you can change your bookmarks into little corner bookmarks. There are too many bookmark ideas for handmade bookmarks and one of them is corner bookmarks.

Well these bookmarks are very simple, and you would just need some scissors to make these. You just have to cut a paper into 6 by 6 inch square out of a thin paper and then fold the paper you cut into half crossways and make a triangle, then turn the paper right, then follow by folding one of the pointy tips downwards to the bottom, now fold again but the bottom corners of the triangle upwards to the top point, now fold the corners back down again which would be inside the triangle, and then decorate the bookmark as you wish and you are done.

Felt Bookmarks

Felt is said to be a very soft material which can be worked with easily, well whatever color you are using as your felt, cut two triangles from the felt you are using and use the book corner as your template, now time to a little creative put a long embroidery thread into a needle, now sew the felts together with the side by using a stitch. Now sew back the other side and make a knot to be secure. Now decorate the bookmark as

you wish you can put up buttons or embroidery the sides into a fancy style, in short, personalize your own bookmark for books. There is something about bookmarks that are handmade it really is something special and personal.

Fabric Bookmarks

The best part of having a fabric bookmark is that there are so many different patterns and colors available for you from traditional to every modern fabric in the market, if you want to experiment with sewing and feeling a little bit crafty make yourself these beautiful fabric bookmarks, these are the steps, cut the fabric into 3 by 7 for one part and another part for 2 by 6 and if you want to use a ribbon use it for 3 “-4”, iron your fabric to the wrong side on another of your fabric piece and make sure it is in the center, keep your fabrics together and then stitch next to the edge of the fabric leave some gaps on one side of the turning, Make Bookmarks, clip to your corners, press back the sides along with the gap to turn, this help you close the topstitching easily, then turn your bookmark, use any wooden material so that you can push the corners out, now close all the topstitching on all the edges and close the holes, and you are done.

Yarn and Crochet Bookmarks

Well wouldn’t you like little pom pom bookmarks hanging out of your books?

Yarn bookmarks are like the new trend nowadays, well they were out of fashion for some time but now they are back, and who doesn’t love these cozy feeling and the best part is that it is in form of craft, now let’s look at how we can make them, cut a piece of yarn for 8 to 10 inches and also a 15-inch yarn and keep it aside, now start wrapping the yarn you have on your fingers a little loose not to tight wrap it around for 90 times, now cut the yarn that you have wrapped around your fingers and then make a knot between the piece you just cut and if you want a tail to attach that to your pom along with the middle knot, now the next step is to cut the sides of your cute little yarn ball to make it look a little fluffy and you are done. Make bookmark making is actually a very easy task rather than to buy bookmarks online, Make Bookmarks you have so many bookmark ideas to choose from, in my perspective I would always choose handmade bookmarks.

Leather Bookmarks

Leather is a sturdy and adaptable material that can be cut, engraved, tooled, stepped and carved; well the great news is that leather can also be used to make bookmarks. How you ask? Well ill guide you through the steps.

Cut the shape of the bookmarks as you want it from your leather either with a rotary cutter or ruler, take the measurements as 1.5” × 8”, now make a small hole over the top of your bookmark so that you can put your tassel through it, well you can use a stitching goover if want to have carved edges you can decorate your bookmark with the help of this, well now you can be a little creative and decorate your bookmark through painting or you can stamp it you can make holes on the bookmarks to make it look very trendy, now the last step is to put your tassel through the hole of your bookmark and your done.

Well, you have some creation and experiment to do what you are waiting for. Make Bookmarks at Home there are many bookmarks ideas out there from where you can choose and you can always have classes for bookmark making if you like it that much.

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