#Secret Cupid


Anonymous messages and gifts have a charm of their own, for the sender as well as the receiver. There is an excitement, a charm in receiving an anonymous gift, and there is a relieved reassurance in sending one. And, Paperphile is here to help you confess, express or impress (or all three!) through its #secretcupid feature.

You can easily send an anonymous gift and/or message to your loved ones – friends, family, companion, crush, the ex you can’t get over, the ex you’re still friends with (we’re not judging you!), your best friend, etc. The first thing you must do is sign up or login into the Paperphile website. Then, choose your product(s) (the more the merrier!), and add them to your cart. Next up, add the address of the recipient, and on the same page, add the message you want to send. With Paperphile, you can choose to send the message anonymously or with your name signed on it. Now, all that’s left for you to do is make the payment and we will ensure that the recipient gets their gift on time.