Top 10 Romantic Dates Ideas

Are you looking for romantic dates? Well, dating is the most magical phase of your life and I think you should enjoy it to the fullest, dating is not about the only love interest, Top 10 Romantic Dates Ideas but it’s about sharing, it’s about sharing experiences, it’s about sharing happiness, it’s about sharing ups and downs together, and it indeed is a beautiful journey.

Dates are very important part of a relationship because the spark should always be alive. Well sometimes you can run out ideas and it can be really monotonous, sometimes it really gets tough finding creative ideas for dates but don’t you very we are to the rescue.

Well you should consider yourself lucky if you have someone who is in love with you and wants to be with you, sometimes you should consider doing something special for them once, it’s really going to make their day and also you can have a day off and celebrate it with your loved ones.

List below are some ideas which may interest you to plan a great date for your boyfriend or girlfriend, so keep reading.

Top 10 Romantic Dates Ideas:-

Go for a Picnic

Oh imagine it’s bright day outside and you are just in the mood to go on a picnic, spending time with your loved ones in a bark with basket full off delicious food and you guys are catching up after a long week, and actually talking and spending time together over glasses of champagne. Well it’s going to perfectly splendid. This is one of the most romantic dates you could ask for.

Have a Casino Night

You might not be in Las Vegas like, Monica and Chandler but you can definitely have a great casino night following with a great dinner. If you have your lady luck go and roll some dices with your partner and win the jackpot. There are many ideas for

romantic dates if you look closely and invest in it. This date is so unique and thrilling and I am so sure that you will have romantic dates fun.

Plan a Great Date at Home

Imagine your partner is coming home after a long day and is really tired and they come home to a candle light night dinner, ah all of their stress is just going to disappear into thin year. You can cook dinner for them and make their favorite food have their best champagne and some slow music and the mood is set right. Boom the perfect date and all of it created by you is going to add so much value to it.

You can also light some soy candles it is a plant based fragrance candle just breathe and absorb the great aroma which will fill you with relaxation and joy. This will be by far the most romantic date idea anyone has ever planned for you.

Learn a New Skill

Awh this is so sweet learning something new, if you have been in a relationship for too long you should take up a new hobby or learn something together to keep it exciting and adventurous, this will make your connection stronger than ever and your are for sure going to have so much fun.

This is such a great idea for a romantic date, you must also get bored by going to the same place again and again having the same dinner and coming back home with nothing. Go try something new, you might get to see the different versions of your partner you might learn something about your partner and also a new skill.

Go Dancing

Who doesn’t like dancing? Plus it has great benefits, it is a great form of exercise, dancing is great in a relationship it really brings you close as a couple. Dancing can really improve your relationship because when you dance your eyes meet, your souls touch each other, it is so romantic, dancing is teamwork it requires both of you to work to adjust and help each other out. It is something that you will learn together and you will communicate with each other verbally as well as non-verbally. There are so

many dancing forms to learn like ballroom dancing oh it is beyond magical and you can also learn tango if you are feeling a little adventurous it’s a very passionate dace form and I am sure you are going to like it. You wanted ideas for romantic dates you got it, you might actually feel like celebrities dancing away and you will for sure remember this as your most romantic date ever, maybe you can slide on some romantic date quote while dancing and make it more special.

Plan a Getaway Weekend

A weekend getaway with your partner, what else are you looking for? You will be away from your social life and will be giving some time to your personal life, away from the crowd and your 9 to 5 tiring job on weekend with your loved one.

A weekend really strengthens your relationship, it helps you explore new things together, you will get to know each other better you will be doing fun activities together, it will help you reduce stress and you will have a better work performance once you get back.

A getaway weekend will help you get intimate on another level and you will be spending all of your time together. I would definitely recommend you going to a getaway weekend; you are going to have so much fun, make memories and have the most romantic date ever by sharing food, dances and maybe some romantic date quotes.

See a Drive-in Movie

Okay so if you’re an old school and a hopeless romantic you should definitely plan a date for a drive-in movie. Drive-ins are so cute you plan a whole set up with food, snacks and drinks and watch your favorite movie, this is the best idea for romantic dates.

Drive-in is literally means the reuniting of couples, it actually brings you close and if you have been in a relationship for too long these might help you recollect all the beautiful memories you once had, so let’s create it once more, you should actually consider watching a romantic movie so that you can tell her some romantic date quotes, this would be the best romantic date idea, don’t you think?

Visit your Hometown

Okay sharing a date like this really pumps your relationship to another level. You will be showing your partner all the best memories of your life and re-living it once again. Imagine them showing where you first rode your bicycle and fell miserably, and where you went to college, and where your first job was as a store worker. These are the best memories you would create as a couple and you will cherish them forever.

You will share some great moments together and a great romantic date.

Make them Breakfast in Bed

This will be the most adorable thing you could ever do for partner, even if the toast is a little burned, ha-ha. This is a beautiful gesture and the best thing to start your day, maybe stick a romantic date quote and stick as a note to the tray. Well small things like these really matter in a relationship; it keeps your relationship healthy and boosts it up, this would be the most romantic date.

Play Laser Tag

Well this is will be such a fun and adventurous date, this game is great for couple this where you get competitive and it is so challenging. This will be something to help you build your relationship stronger, playing games like these are quite flirtatious you

can’t deny that. And duh the fun you will be having would be priceless.

These are some ideas which will help you boost up your relationship and make it more exciting, I hope this article helped you.

So what are you waiting for, go you have date to plan and for further help you can look at some romantic date images to take some references from there.

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Your Beacon of Light!

We spent a long time this week revisiting some of the most iconic romantic scenes in books and movies. And, we realized that most of these scenes had one thing in common: the decoration almost always included candles. And, that really got us thinking how candles evolved from a necessary source of light to a decorative and therapeutic (if we must) piece of wax. 

To say that candles improve the ambiance and atmosphere of a place would not just be an understatement, but a disrespectful one at that. They do so much more than that. The right candle at the right place can change the entire feel and vibe of any room. A loud, impersonal, cold room could instantly transform into a soft, intimate and cozy setting just by lighting one candle. This is also partly the reason why therapy rooms almost always have aromatherapy candles. Different candles do different jobs. <Lavender ones>, for example, can ease your mind of stress. <Eucalyptus candles> are known to improve focus. And, <lemon candles> can uplift your mood significantly and can relieve anxiety.

candles light
candles light

The original reason behind lighting a candle was to light up a place. Now, for as long as we can date back, ‘light’ has always had a positive connotation. We look for light, we prefer light over dark, we wish for brightness in our lives… And so, whenever we celebrate a happy occasion, we light candles (on cakes, on candle stands etc.) to radiate positivity, and to mark a happy occasion. Candles, then are a symbol of all that is good in the world.

Now, if we were to pair this symbolic meaning of candles with their soothing fragrance, you would agree that candles to make for the perfect <gifts>, wouldn’t you? Scented candles are an excellent way of uplifting not just the room’s look, but also its vibe, and the vibe of all people in the room. And, as we all know, since creativity and feel go hand in hand, there is, literally, no limitation to the number of, and the kinds of scents candles can expend. You could ask for <fruity scents>, <herbal scents>, <earthly scents>, <festive scents>, or <seasonal> ones…you surely won’t be disappointed! Your exclusive collection of candles can be an excellent source of self-expression. After all, if someone really pays attention to the kinds of candle you light, they can discover your likes, your mood and so much more! 

Candles are not just good gifts to others, they’re also good gifts to the self. Let’s keep aside their décor uses for a minute and talk about their other surprising health benefits. Burning candles is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. The right candles can do the needful (and more) in relieving anxiety, fear, stress, and anger.
Many therapists and yoga instructors support the use of candles during meditation. There are quite a few visualization exercises and manifestation techniques that require you to focus on the flame of a candle while manifesting your thoughts into the universe. Beacons of light, remember?

The word ‘remember’ reminds us of a very interesting fact that we’d like to share with you. It is said that human beings remember situations, events and people by images and by scents. Our sense of smell is very strongly related to our memory, and so, it is often that we associate certain scents with certain people or places. This is especially true for people (yes, millennials, we’re talking to you!) who are staying away from home and want to take parts of their home with them. So, candles can invoke memories, and for this reason, many communities around the world light candles to show their support or remembrance of a loved one. 

Isn’t it surprising how one tiny wax stick has so much to offer us… warmth, calm, memories, peace…

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Journal of Life Skills!

There’s a very famous line in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, ‘Journaling is like whispering to oneself and listening at the same time’. While journaling, you’re having the most important conversation of your day: the conversation with the self. We have, at some point in our lives, been advised to, or been inspired to start writing a journal. And, quite a few times, we’ve also brought pretty journals (stationary hoarders, you’re not alone!), but have failed to maintain them. But, here’s a little secret: Journaling can not only make you feel more relaxed, it can also make you smarter.

Let’s start with the basics. The one reason why children are encouraged to start writing journals from an early age is because this practice improves their vocabulary and language skills. But, the question is, how? Well, let’s say you want to write about just how good-looking your new crush is. And, they are all you think about for weeks. If you write about them every day, you’re bound to find new (and improved!) ways of describing them. You’d be surprised at just how many new words you would learn just so you could get their soothing smile right or describe their hair perfectly!  And, once you do get into the habit of writing down all that you saw, or all that you talked about, you will notice that this entire exercise has begun to boost your memory and your comprehension skills

Journal of Life Skills

Journaling is also an effective way to attain mindfulness. Writing down your feelings and thoughts is a step closer in acknowledging them.  Not only will you understand yourself better, but you will also be able to think clearer and in a more linear direction, without your thoughts spilling left, right and centre!

Here’s a little tip: When you do decide to start journaling, make sure that you choose your journal very carefully. Your journal could be <theme-based> or could be <pocket-sized>, depending on what you would like. On the contrary, you could even start with a <basic journal> if you’re figuring out what you like. Choosing a journal is important because, essentially, the paper you write on is a medium to relieve your heart and mind of your feelings. And so, having a medium that is familiar to you, or is close to your heart, is part of the entire experience that will, eventually, help you heal. Even when you’re <gifting a journal> to anyone you personally know, it’d be a good idea to give them one they would feel connected to, in some way or the other. This goes out for personal as well as professional uses!

Did the term ‘professional uses’ surprise you? Hmmm, not so surprising, actually. As good as journaling is for the heart, it is even better for the mind! It is a great tool to declutter your mind and is known to reduce stress significantly.
In the professional capacity, you can use a journal to organize your thoughts, make a to-do list, make notes of the things you’ve done so far, or the things you’re yet to do… the possibilities are endless. When we talk, or think of the work we do, no idea is too crazy. This means that any and every idea you have is worth noting down, not just to test its potential, but to look back at it five or ten years from now, and to realise that you did, indeed, make it!
Keeping a journal is the best way to unleash your creativity, and to keep it ignited and fresh! The more plans you jot down on to the paper, the more things you will have accomplished. If you’re looking to start a new venture, it would be a good idea start journaling from day one… and by day one, we mean the first day, afternoon or night that the idea hits you. The reasoning behind this is simple enough: it will help you keep a track of your progress. And, when the times comes, this very journal will be the biggest source of self-confidence that you would ever read. Just imagine, for one second, opening the first page of your 5-year old journal, flipping through it, and reaching the last page only to realise that you’ve come farther than you ever thought you would! 
There is nothing that matches the good, old-fashioned way of writing down your success stories (and the opposite) to remind yourself of your achievements!

We’ve heard people say that writing a journal is a hobby. But, we just want to tell you that it is not just that. It is an art; it is therapy. And, more than anything, it is exercise; it is a form of discipline. Something as trifle as writing down one page in your journal every day is going to set a routine for you that you will benefit from, all your life.

So, whether it is to record your personal progress, your professional achievements, or just to declutter that brilliantly creative of yours, you must keep a journal. 

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