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Your Beacon of Light!

Your Beacon of Light!

We spent a long time this week revisiting some of the most iconic romantic scenes in books and movies. And, we realized that most of these scenes had one thing in common: the decoration almost always included candles. And, that really got us thinking how candles evolved from a necessary source of light to a decorative and therapeutic (if we must) piece of wax. 

To say that candles improve the ambiance and atmosphere of a place would not just be an understatement, but a disrespectful one at that. They do so much more than that. The right candle at the right place can change the entire feel and vibe of any room. A loud, impersonal, cold room could instantly transform into a soft, intimate and cozy setting just by lighting one candle. This is also partly the reason why therapy rooms almost always have aromatherapy candles. Different candles do different jobs. <Lavender ones>, for example, can ease your mind of stress. <Eucalyptus candles> are known to improve focus. And, <lemon candles> can uplift your mood significantly and can relieve anxiety.

candles light
candles light

The original reason behind lighting a candle was to light up a place. Now, for as long as we can date back, ‘light’ has always had a positive connotation. We look for light, we prefer light over dark, we wish for brightness in our lives… And so, whenever we celebrate a happy occasion, we light candles (on cakes, on candle stands etc.) to radiate positivity, and to mark a happy occasion. Candles, then are a symbol of all that is good in the world.

Now, if we were to pair this symbolic meaning of candles with their soothing fragrance, you would agree that candles to make for the perfect <gifts>, wouldn’t you? Scented candles are an excellent way of uplifting not just the room’s look, but also its vibe, and the vibe of all people in the room. And, as we all know, since creativity and feel go hand in hand, there is, literally, no limitation to the number of, and the kinds of scents candles can expend. You could ask for <fruity scents>, <herbal scents>, <earthly scents>, <festive scents>, or <seasonal> ones…you surely won’t be disappointed! Your exclusive collection of candles can be an excellent source of self-expression. After all, if someone really pays attention to the kinds of candle you light, they can discover your likes, your mood and so much more! 

Candles are not just good gifts to others, they’re also good gifts to the self. Let’s keep aside their décor uses for a minute and talk about their other surprising health benefits. Burning candles is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. The right candles can do the needful (and more) in relieving anxiety, fear, stress, and anger.
Many therapists and yoga instructors support the use of candles during meditation. There are quite a few visualization exercises and manifestation techniques that require you to focus on the flame of a candle while manifesting your thoughts into the universe. Beacons of light, remember?

The word ‘remember’ reminds us of a very interesting fact that we’d like to share with you. It is said that human beings remember situations, events and people by images and by scents. Our sense of smell is very strongly related to our memory, and so, it is often that we associate certain scents with certain people or places. This is especially true for people (yes, millennials, we’re talking to you!) who are staying away from home and want to take parts of their home with them. So, candles can invoke memories, and for this reason, many communities around the world light candles to show their support or remembrance of a loved one. 

Isn’t it surprising how one tiny wax stick has so much to offer us… warmth, calm, memories, peace…

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